The Benison Core Values





You don’t need to espouse these exact values, but the more you align with the social needs among your would-be members that are behind what makes these values so popular, the more coworking you’ll be.

In other words, you don’t have to adopt the 4 Core Values to be a member of our space, but do adopt some values, and make them yours.

Exploring the ideas of our core values, they can be further articulated in the following comparisons:
  • collaboration over competition
  • community over agendas
  • participation over observation
  • doing over saying
  • friendship over formality
  • boldness over assurance
  • learning over expertise
  • people over personalities
  • “value ecosystem” over “value chain”

Coworking Director, Byron Skaggs, gives a quick description of the values and activities at The Benison in the video below.

About The Benison

Whether you need a space to gather, celebrate, learn, or collaborate, The Benison Events & Coworking - located in downtown Hamilton, Ohio - delivers exceptional experiences customized for you. Schedule a tour - click here. Or, email us at [email protected].

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